Financial Instruments

Through our relationships with major US and International banks we facilitate the trading of Foriegn bonds, Medium Term Notes (MTN), and illiquid assests. 


We have established well defined procedures to ensure the process is as smooth as possible.

Funding and Fund Management

We work with our clients to set up Limited Partnership Funds both in United States and off-shore, and we will manage the investments based on the clients objectives.


We draw on a range of hedge funds, venture capital, private equity, project financing, and real estate investments to meet the client's risk and return expectations.

Offshore Banking

We have deep understanding and connections for offshore banking especially in the Caribbean region. Our partners are experts in the local banking and corporate laws.

We are also specialized in cross border capital introduction.


Through our personal experience we provide financial consulting and advisory with focus on real estate investments, financial services, and energy and infrastructure companies and projects.


We work with our clients to optimize the business model, strategic relationships, and project and equity financing.

We have a deep knowledge of fund raising through Security Token Offering and help companies from initial strategy to private and public placement.

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